Apprenticeship FAQ


Thinking about a career in construction? Here are some common questions people ask about our apprenticeship program: 

What does it take to become an apprentice? 

You must be at least 18 years old, authorized to work in the United States, have a high school diploma or equivalent, and be able to lift and carry. If you meet these requirements, then you're eligible to join our apprenticeship program! 

Do I need any experience? 

No experience is required! Our apprenticeship program is designed to provide you with on-the-job training while you earn a paycheck. 

What are the working hours like for apprentices? 

Typically, the construction workday starts at 7 am and ends at 2:30-3 pm. However, overtime opportunities are available if you choose to work on weekends or holidays. 

What if I decide the apprenticeship program isn't for me? 

We understand that the construction industry isn't for everyone. If you feel like the program isn't the right fit for you, you can leave at any time. You're not obligated to stay, but at least you'll have given it a try. 

Can women apply? 

Yes! We encourage women to apply for our apprenticeship program. Currently, only 4% of the construction industry is made up of women, and we're looking to increase that number. 

Can formerly incarcerated individuals apply? 

Absolutely! We don't discriminate against anyone and welcome all individuals to apply for our apprenticeship program. 

Are Apprenticeships Paid?

Individuals who are accepted into the Apprenticeship program will be paid  $21 per hour.

What happens if I do not want to join the Carpenter Union Apprenticeship program but another union instead?

Every effort will be made to make each applicant with the desired union.

 What happens if one does not meet the eligibility requirements?

Individuals who do not meet the eligibility requirements can join the 

Pre- Apprenticeship Programs 

Upon successfully completing a Pre-Apprenticeship Program, participants are able to gain direct entry into a union apprenticeship program with the NYC Construction Trades. These programs involve full-time training, which prepares participants for an apprenticeship with a construction trade union. 

The length of the program typically ranges from 4 to 9 weeks, is offered free of charge and is unpaid. Training is full-time and takes place during

 daytime hours from Monday through Friday. 

The program consists of the following components:   

An overview of the construction field and unions 

Hands-on training in construction trades like carpentry, blueprint reading, electrical, and painting 

Math, including fractions, decimals, algebra, and geometry 

Safety training 

Professionalism and job readiness 

Individuals who do not have a GED or High School diploma will be referred to other programs in which they can complete their education and receive training in their desired area.