Pre-Law Classes 

Course Description:

This course seves as an Week 5 Advocacy and Debate introductory exploration into the fundamentals of law, legal reasoning, and the roles of lawyers and judges in society. Through interactive discussions, case studies, and practical exercises, students will gain a foundational understanding of various legal concepts and develop critical thinking and analytical skills essential for legal studies. The course will cover topics such as the origins of law, different types of law, the structure of the justice system, and the basics of legal argumentation.

Course Overview:

This condensed five-week course aims to provide high school students with a comprehensive introduction to the field of law and legal studies. Each class session will focus on key topics and include interactive discussions and practical exercises to reinforce learning. Students will have the opportunity to engage in mock trial simulations, analyze case studies, and explore hypothetical legal scenarios. The course will be structured as follows:

Week 1: Introduction to Law and Legal Profession

Understanding the Basics of Law and Legal Profession

Mini Mock Trial

Week 2: Reading and Analyzing Cases

Introduction to Case Reading and Analysis

Case Studies and Legal Argumentation

Week 3: Exploring Legal Concepts and Practices 

Exploring Different Types of Law

Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility

Week 4 and 5: Advocacy and Debate 

Building Legal Arguments

Final Debate Simulation